Welcome to the North London Yogi

Yoga is the complete science of life that originated in India many thousands of years ago. It's the oldest system of personal development in the world, encompassing body, mind and spirit. Many people are drawn to yoga as a way of keeping their body fit and supple – good to look at and to live in. Others come seeking help or relief with a specific complaint like tension or backache. Some are merely impelled by a sense that they are not getting as much out of life as they could be.

Whatever your reason for coming to yoga, let Yoga and yoga instructor Rebecca Clare be an instrument for that, giving you both what you came for and more. Rebecca Clare created her classes to heal and transform lives so whether you require a more peaceful slower practice of restorative asanas, pranayama and meditation or a more dynamic flow leaving you energized and challenged. I work with every clients wishes and abilities to create the perfect mix of mind and body as Union in Yoga. My Classes are suitable for all levels, from the complete beginner to the advanced yogi.

Anyone can practice yoga

You don't need special equipment or clothes – just a small amount of space and a strong desire for a healthier, more fulfilled life. So what's stopping you from starting today?